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Advanced Interpretive Planning

Advanced Interpretive Master Planning

Markets of One, the Experience Economy, Mass Customization
Regional Interpretive Systems Planning, and Large Scale Landscape Museums.

Fourteen Units - 2.5 CEU Credits

Malta - cultural landscape museum exhibit?

Welcome to our advanced course on Interpretive Master planning. Topics we will explore in this course include:

- Markets of One and Mass Customization
- The experience economy and experience planning for interpretive master plans.
- Developing regional interpretive systems plans for agencies or organizations.
- Developing large scale regional-multi-county interpretive systems plans.
- Developing large scale landscape museums - one or multi-county.

First - visit with me here on YouTube:

This course is designed for staff/professional involved in large scale regional interpretive planning projects, such as metro parks that may have 8-10 different parts in their system and they want to coordinate all the interpretive programs and services between them. We have also worked with planners in heritage tourism trying to develop heritage tourism programs and tours that may be over one or more counties, like for a national heritage area.

Here are the Units that this course will include:

Unit One - Overview of the Interpretive Planning Model.

Unit Two - Overview of the Experience Economy and its relationship to large scale interpretive plans.

Unit Three - Overview of the concept of Mass Customization.

Unit Four - Principles and guidelines for creating interpretive systems plans for organizations.

Unit Five - Creating Systems Interpretive Themes and Objectives - the big picture.

Unit Six - inventory and Interpretive Assessment Matrices. What does it all mean?

Unit Seven - Tourism and visitation readiness assessments for regional systems plans.

Unit Eight - Developing mass customization matrices for large scale heritage areas.

Unit Nine - The Concept of Landscape Museums.

Unit Ten - Inventory and story development for Landscape museums.

Unit Eleven - Developing themes and objectives for large regional heritage tourism projects.

Unit Twelve - Regional tourism readiness assessments for Landscape Museum Marketing and development.

Unit Thirteen - Interpretive systems plans and landscape museum development within heritage tourism marketing plans.

Unit Fourteen - Long-term care and feeding of regional and multi-county heritage interpretation sites and attractions - who is in charge here?

If you would like more details on this advanced course please feel free to contact me. If you would like to enroll in this course, first contact me for a Registration Form. Then you can return to this page, click on the Pay Now button below, and off we go to get you started. Course tuition is: $250.00 USD.

Prof. John Veverka

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