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Interpretiing Edible Insects

Interpreting Edible Insects
International importance, edible insects, insect farming
and insect meals.

If It Bugs You - Eat It!

In many countries world-wide, insects make up about 80% of their protein needs and are a stable part of their diets. Even the UN has noted the importance of edible insects to world health and dietary needs. Besides insects we will look at other "non-traditional" foods, such as spiders, snails, crayfish and other food sources.

This course, and its companion Edible Insects Resource Manual, is designed to help you create and present interpretive programs and experiences for visitors to parks, historic sites, heritage areas, museums and zoos on the world-wide importance of edible insects - and offer an "insect tasting experience".

You can start this course at any time and complete the course at your own pace. We can chat anytime via e-mail, phone or skype.

Interpreting Edible Insects
12 Units - 2 CEU unit credits
$175.00 Tuition

Our new 105 page Edible Insect Course Resource Manual and lunch?

Here are the course units. Each unit includes reading assignments from the course resource manual and homework assignments. Additional interpretive handouts will also be provided as part of the course tuition.

Unit One: Introduction- You and edible insects. Every try any?

Unit Two: Edible Insects List - Which Insects Can You Eat?

Unit Three: What are the 16 best edible Insects?

Unit Four: The Top 15 Edible Insects In North America For Survival

Unit Five: How can edible insects address world hunger?

Unit Six: - U.N. agency urges eating insects to fight world hunger, malnutrition.

Unit Seven: Eating Maggots: The Explorers Club Dinner.

Unit Eight: Insect Farming - Making sure we have enough bugs to eat.

Unit Nine: 20 Unusual Foods (Including Bugs) Eaten Around The World.

Unit Ten
: Eating at a snails' pace. Edible snails and sustainable meat.

Unit Eleven: Other edibles - spiders, frogs, crayfish and others.

Unit Twelve: The future of edible insects. Your personal perspective.

If you're interested in taking this course I will also send you places for you to buy your edible insect snacks or lunch:

Click the PayNow button to pay the course $175.00 tuition and I will send you Unit One to get you going. Reminder - we can chat any time via e-Mail, phone call or SKYPE.

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