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InterpNEWS New Subscriptions Update

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New reveals with every issue and every story.

InterpNEWS started about 12 years ago as a John Veverka & Associates newsletter-with a few interpretation articles added. That first mailing went to about 100 agencies, organizations and individuals. Now 12 years later InterpNEWS has evolved into the most widely read interpretation journal/magazine - that was sent FREE to anyone or agency/organizations that wanted to receive it. You can post it on your web site or forward it on to your members for agencies and organizaitons.

New InterpNEWS Subscription Policy for 2023. With rising costs for research subscriptions, website costs, new computer publishing programs, and more time to prepare each issue, I simply need some help to cover the increasing overhead, and time producing and sending out each issue.

I felt that a very low $20.00 subscription fee per year would help me to continue to publish 6 annual issues of InterpNEWS and add my special issues too, as illustrated bellow for 2023.

InterpNEWS is sent out as a PDF document via your e-mail address.

Be sure your e-mail in box can accept large PDF files, usually more than 5 MB but can be up to 16 MB. Many govt. and agency mail boxes won't accept it. If that happens use your own gmail, hotmail, etc. e-mail account to be safe.

I am always looking for articles on any interpretive topics.
Guidelines: up to 4 pages, single spaced, 12 point times/roman, with the pics as jpegs. Send as a WORD document. Contact me if you have any ideas for an article you would like to submit.

Cheers, John Veverka -

InterpNEWS is published 6 times a year, with new subscriptions beginning
with the January/February 2023 issue is only $20.00/year.

Our Current
Sep-October issue on Ancient Aliens and my recent July-August Issue on Ancient Civilizations are now available. If you'd like a free copy of these and like to subscribe to future 2023 issues, just send me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Table of Contents for the new September - October 2022 Issue:

-Ancient dogu figurines with large goggle-eyes defy scholarly explanation
-The Ubaid Lizardmen Figurines; Reptilians in Ancient Sumer- Tasha Shayne
-Ancient Siberian People Drew Alien Figures On The Tomb Stones 5000 Years Ago- Verma
-Discovery reveals creepy alien-like figures painted thousands of years ago on cave walls- Hawkins
-Astronaut Of Casar: Mystery Of Ancient Stone With Carved Alien Figure Is Still Unsolved. Verma
-UFOs In Art Throughout History-MORPHMAN
-Aliens in Ancient Rock Art - Science Facts
-Five Ancient Petroglyphs and Cave Paintings that depict 'Ancient Aliens'- Ancient Code Team
-Ancient Astronauts: Intriguing 10,000-year-old cave paintings in India show "Aliens and UFO's"
-Alien Artifacts: Mexican Locals in Awe After Finding Alien Jade Stones in Remote Cave
-4000-Year-Old Mysterious Figurines Depicting Ancient Aliens Or Giants Found On The Italian Island
-Viracocha, the Non-binary Creator God with Gold Blood - Ancient Code Team
-The Hopi Star Children Here to Restore a World Out of Balance - Ancient Code Team
-The mystery handbag of the Gods: Depicted in Sumer, America, and Göbekli Tepe
-Was Mayan King 'Pacal The Great' Anunnaki God That Did Not Leave Earth?
-America's Ancient "Mystery Stone" Remains An Unexplained Puzzle
-The Truth About The Anunnaki, The Ancient Sumerian Gods That Some Say Were Actually Aliens
-Monstrous Nomoli Figures Left By Unknown Culture That Vanished Long Ago
-The Ant People legend of the Hopi Native Americans and connections to the Anunnaki


The Nov/Dec issue is completed and will be one of our Climate Special Issues focusing on Rising Sea Levels. This is the last 2022 issue and will be sent out in mid Octiber.

Here's the table of content for the Nov/Dec 2022 issue:

-Antarctica's melting 'Doomsday glacier' could raise sea levels by 10 feet,
scientists say, Julia Jacobo
-Oceans are hotter, higher and more acidic, climate report warns - Jake Spring
-Earth's oceans are getting hotter and higher, and it's accelerating- Rebecca Hersher
-How Fast and How Far Will Sea Levels Rise? Nicola Jones
-NOAA sees sea level rise of up to 6.6 feet by 2100 - Wendy Koch,
-Sea Level Rise Is Inevitable but We Can Still Prevent Catastrophe for Coastal Regions -
Zita Sebesvari
-New Research Affirms Modern Sea-Level Rise Linked to Human Activities, Not to
Changes in Earth's Orbit - Rutgers University
-Climate scientists say building collapse is a 'wake-up call' about the potential impact
of rising seas - Rachel Ramirez,
-Sea Level Rise Projection Map - Miami - Owen Mulhern
-How many people will migrate due to rising sea levels? Why our best guesses aren't
good enough -The Conversation
-Climate Migration: An Impending Global Challenge - Renee Cho
-Climate Change: Global Sea Level - Rebecca Lindsey (NOAA)
-Where America's Climate Migrants Will Go As Sea Level Rises - Linda Poon
-Sea Level Rise to Gobble Up Hundreds of Thousands of US Homes, Buildings by 2050
-Glaciers and "zombie ice": The planet is melting at both ends, research finds.
-How is sea level rise related to climate change? NOAA
-Rising sea levels putting wildlife at risk. Kristen Pope
-Sea-level rise threatens hundreds of U.S. animal species - Doyle Rice
-Rising sea levels are creating 'ghost forests' of coastal trees- PBS
-Oysters at work helping scientists and coastal communities keep the rising waters
from stealing our shores - Sydney Giuliano

New InterpNEWS Issues for 2023 - available for IN subscribers.

Our first issue for Jan-Feb 2023 will be on The Buffalo Soldiers followed by the March/April 2023 issue -
Cowgirls and Women Who Ruled the Wild West.

May/June 2023 - Secrets of the Deep-Dark Sea, July/Aug 2030 - Mummies Issue.

Sep/Oct 2023 - Day of the Dead Issue. Nov-Dec 2023 climate issue - What's happening to winter?


InterpNEWS for 2023 will also produce two special interpretive issues. One on Interpreting the Viking Heritage and one on the latest work in "Interpreting UFO Sightings".

These speccial issues will be randomly reased in 2023.


Subscriptions for 2023 -2024

Subscriptions for InterpNEWS (6 bi-monthly issues plus 2 special issues) is only $20.00 starting in 2023. Your subscription begins the month you subscribe - you'll receive the "current issue" and then 5 IN issues to follow, plus our special issues. All IN issues are sent to your e-mail address as a PDF. You can visit this website often to see what the current/next issues are and when they will be available.

All other JVA materials (InterpSHARE blog and seminars - and Heritage Interpretation Training Course Offerings) will continue to be sent out free of charge.

Subscribe here:

John Veverka

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