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InterpNEWS started about 6 years ago as a John Veverka & Associates newsletter-with a few interpretation articles added. That first mailing went to about 100 agencies, organizations and individuals. Now 7 years later InterpNEWS has evolved into the most widely read interpretation journal/magazine - that is sent FREE to anyone or agency/organizations that wants to receive it. You can post it on your web site or forward it on to your members for agencies and organizaitons. Over 300,000 interpreters, tourist guides, agencies and organizations in 60 countries currently receive InterpNEWS.

InterpNEWS is sent out as a PDF document via your e-mail address. If you would like to receive InterpNEWS just send me your e-mail.

Be sure your e-mail in box can accept large PDF files, usually more than 5 MB but can be up to 16 MB. Many govt. and agency mail boxes won't take it. If that happens try your own gmail, hotmail, etc. e-mail account to be safe.

We are always looking for articles on any interpretive topic.
Guidelines: up to 4 pages, single spaced, 12 point times/roman, with the pics as jpegs. Send as a WORD document. Contact me if you have any ideas for an article you would like to submit.

InterpNEWS is published 6 times a year and is FREE.

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Our Sep/Oct 2018 Issue is now available. You can also read it at:

Some of our upcoming issues: Our Nov/Dec 2018 Issue (left) and Jan/Feb 2019 Issue.

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