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Ancient Aliens Course

Level 1

A beginners Introduction to Interpreting Ancient Aliens,
Lost Civilizations, UFO's Appearing in
Medieval Paintings, Archaeology and Alien Sculptures,
Aliens on Petroglyphs and rock art, and Military
UFO videos today.

A course in awakenings to possibilities that we
have never been alone.

11 Units - 3 CEU Unit Credits
Course tuition - $175.00 -

Navy fighter jets off an aircraft carrier in CA tracking UFO's by their ships.

The theories are that human cultures and civilizations have been impacted or shaped by viewing or in countering UFO's or actual alien contacts for thousands of years. The theories are supported by written descriptions in ancient texts - descriptions of alien species on/in rock art and sculptures, and archaeological discoveries of ancient civilizations and artifacts.

It's the goal of this introductory course to reveal to you some of the theories and the archaeology, art and artifacts that support the theories and lead you on a journey of the imagine that we may have never been truly alone in the universe.

Unit One - Review of Several Lost Civilization and why no one knows how they were built.
-Gobekli Tepe: 15 Things About The Archaeological Site In Turkey
-Tiahuanaco the Seat of the Mightiest Ancient Civilization
-Puma Punku: This Ancient Andean Site
-Alien Architecture at Sacsayhuaman

Gobekli Tepe:

Unit Two - Ancient Sites and the Stars: Why did ancient civilizations align monuments with the stars?
-Ancient Aliens - They Came from The Pleiades?
-Ancient Temples in Georgia and Egypt Share Solar Alignments

Unit Three - 8 Mysterious Underwater Ruins of Lost Civilizations
Today, archaeologists have discovered there are many sunken cities around the globe. Underwater excavations are difficult and expensive, so these investigations have only recently revealed many lost civilizations.

Around the planet, there are many not so mythical cities found underwater. Some can be traced back through history, yet many remain mysterious and continue to spark people's imagination as candidates for lost civilizations.

Unit Four - UFOs In Art Throughout History
UFOs are not a new phenomenon as many may believe, there have been sightings for hundreds if not thousands of years. We know this because they have been documented throughout the ages in art; below I have searched through the net and found some great examples. The mysteries surrounding UFOs still remains, what are they, where are they from and what do they want? A question I'm sure has been asked throughout history!

The mural or fresco from 1350, “The Crucifixion,” at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo,
the unknown artist included two strange-looking objects with apparent pilots in the sky on both sides of Jesus.

Unit Five - Astronaut of Cesar: Mystery Of Ancient Stone With Carved Alien Figure Is Still Unsolved
-Ancient Siberian People Drew Alien Figures On The Tomb Stones 5000 Years Ago.
-The mystery handbag of the Gods: Depicted in Sumer, America, and Göbekli Tepe
-Monstrous Nomoli Figures Left By Unknown Culture That Vanished Long Ago

The mysterious handbag of the gods.

Unit Six - Archaeologists find mysterious "alien" figurenes,
-Ancient dogu figurines with large goggle-eyes defy scholarly explanation
-The Ubaid Lizardmen Figurines; Reptilians in Ancient Sumer
-4000-Year-Old Mysterious Figurines Depicting Ancient Aliens Or Giants Found On The
Italian Island
- Monstrous Nomoli Figures Left By Unknown Culture That Vanished Long Ago

Unit Seven - Ancient Alien Rock Art - carvings and petroglyphs world wide.
-Discovery reveals creepy alien-like figures painted thousands of years ago on cave walls
- Five Ancient Petroglyphs and Cave Paintings that depict 'Ancient Aliens'
-Aliens in Ancient Rock Art
-Ancient Astronauts: Intriguing 10,000-year-old cave paintings in India show "Aliens and UFO's"

Unit Eight - Nazca Lines archaeological site, Peru - large scale alien art.
- Olmec Heads of Mexico
- Pre-Christian Mystery - Stone Figures With Hidden Unexplainable Distant Past
- America's Ancient "Mystery Stone" Remains An Unexplained Puzzle

Unit Nine - The Hopi Star Children Here to Restore a World Out of Balance
-The Ant People legend of the Hopi Native Americans and connections to the Anunnaki
- The kachinas: an alien intelligence, but not as we know it.

The kachinas: an alien intelligence the Hopi of Arizona have been intimately liaising with beings from the Otherworld.
The kachinas still visit the Hopi Mesas on an annual basis and their presence continue to set out the
agenda of Hopi society.

Unit Ten - what we have seen and now know today. The militarys videos of fighter aircraft chasing and filming UFO's and other new sightings. Have you personally seen or learned anything new? Is seeing believing?

Unit Eleven - The personal perspective - A few years ago when we lived in the country I was in a hot tub late at night after a long day working - just relaxing and looking up at the stars without light pollution. I noticed what I thought was a satellite moving across the night sky. Then it stopped! Stayed in place for awhile, then changed direction and swiftly moved away! So I saw my first UFO.

I've been seeing aliens in art and artifacts for years, including seeing petroglyphs with "alien" figures on the stones. So I gave you examples of aliens in art and sculpture.
What do you think? That's you assignment. So are you curious to see and learn more? Have you changed your mind about UFO's and ancient aliens? Keep watching the sky's … might not be a shooting star!

If you'd like to take this "out of this world" course, just click on the PayNow Button and we will get you started.

A beginners Introduction to Interpreting Ancient Aliens,
Course Tuition $175.00
Tuition includes extensive reference materials and
zoom discussions.

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