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Here are a variety of articles that may be of interest to you. They are available as PDF's or word documents. If you would like a copy of any of these articles/publications, just send me an e-mail and I will send them off to you.

- Using interpretive themes and objectives will make your program planning easier and more effective. This is a short 3-page article/handout great for training workshops, interpretive manuals, etc. Feel free to copy and use it. jv

- A Systems Approach to Heritage Interpretation Planning - a new way of looking at agency wide or regional heritage interpretation planning. (Reprinted/updated article originally published in the Journal of Interpretation, April/May 1979).

- Why your scenic byway can't succeed without "real" interpretation. (Presentation at the National Scenic Byways Program August 1999 National Conference, Louisville, KY).

- A Practical Guide for Developing Marketing Brochures for Heritage Tourism and Interpretive Sites or Attractions. JVA Technical Bulletin 99-1

- Where is the Interpretation in Interpretive Exhibits?

- Creating Interpretive Themes for Heritage Tourism Sites and Attractions.

- Interpretive Communication - The key to successful heritage tourism marketing, planning and program design.

- Planning truly "Interpretive" Panels.

- Interpretation as a management tool.

- The Languages of LIVE interpretation - making contact!

- What is Interpretation? (Interpretive philosophy, techniques, principles and the model of interpretation).

- Interpretive Planning for "Exportable" Interpretation - Ideas to go away with.

- Interpreting Critical Issues for Heritage Resource Management.

- Developing Successful Partnerships - Planning Guidelines for Heritage Tourism and Interpretive Sites,
Facilities and Organizations.

- Interpretive Planning for the next millennium - The "product of the product", "outcome based planning"
and the "experience economy".

- Why Heritage Sites Need Interpretation For Their Long Term Survival.

- An Introduction to Interpreting Cemeteries and Gravestones. (This article has many photos of gravestone
art/symbols as well as references for gravestone studies and research.)

- Marketing Basics for Interpretive and Heritage Sites and Attractions - It's all about the visitors.

- Planning interpretive walking tours for communities and related historic districts.

- Planning for Interpretive Training Courses. (Published in Interpscan, the national journal of Interpretation Canada, Mol. 28, No. 3, March 2002.)

- Exhibit evaluation for Children's Exhibits - The Kirby Science Center Experience. (Published in Interpret Scotland, the Journal for Scotlands Interpreters, Issue 4, Autumn 2001).

- Is your scenic byway interpretation sustainable? October 2002.

- When is interpretation NOT interpretation?

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