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Interpretive Training Center Course Catalogue

JVA Heritage Interpretation International - Training Division

Heritage Interpretation Training Center
2018 - Course Catalogue

JVA is pleased to announce the development of our Heritage Interpretation Training Center, providing university level courses in heritage interpretation, many of which are offered by no other organizations.
All courses are presented and coached by Prof. John Veverka (certified interpretive planner and trainer) with 40 years of interpretive planning, training and coaching experience world-wide.

John A. Veverka - Course Instructor and Coach.

- Author of the college textbook "Interpretive Master Planning".
- Author of the new (2013) college textbook Two Volume Set:
*Interpretive Master Planning - Strategies for the New Millennium
* Interpretive Master Planning - Philosophy, Theory and Practice.
Author of "The Interpretive Trainers Handbook".
- Author of "Advanced Interpretive Planning" (MuseumsETC, Dec. 2014).
- Author of "The Interpretive Trails Book" (MuseumsETC -January 2015).
- Contributing Author in the book "The Language of Live Interpretation",
Museum of Civilization, Canada
- Contributing author in the book: 10 Must Reads - Interpretation. (MuseumsEtc. Publisher).
- Associate Editor - The Journal of Interpretation (Of the National Association for Interpretation).
- Publisher of InterpNEWS, The International Heritage Interpretation e-magazine.

Why take our courses? Of course one reason is to gain the training in a variety of interpretive topics and subject - matter, taught by an instructor with years of experience in actually doing the programs/services we teach. Secondly - costs ! With the costs of travel expenses, and being away from your office for several days, this is a very cost effective way of receiving the training/coaching you want while working/taking the the course at your own pace - start when you want, finish when you want.

Finally - this is a e-LIVE course. All course units would be sent to John Veverka with whom you can chat with via SKYPE, e-mail or phone about your work. All course units require a "hands-on" learning experience (homework). We remember 10% of what we hear, 30% of what we read, 50% of what we see and 90% of what we do.

You can visit the web site page for each course for that courses content and registration details.

Visit with me here on YouTube for more about our courses:

Heritage Interpretation Training Center Course Catalogue.

Introduction to Heritage Interpretation Course. 14 Units - 2 CEU credits. $150.00


Advanced Interpretive Services for US Army Corps of Engineers
Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders

15 Units, 3 CEU Credits
Tuition: $500.00


Advanced Interpretive Services for Chiefs of Interpretation, Interpretive Services Managers, Regional Interpretive Specialists, Park and Heritage Site Managers, and other professional interpretive specialists.

15 Units, 3 CEU Credits
Tuition: $500.00


An introduction to planning and presenting live interpretive programs and tours for Museum/Heritage Site Docents and Volunteers. 12 Units - 1.5 CEU credits. $50.00


Developing Marketing Plans for Heritage Interpretation & Tourism
Sites and Attractions.

12 Units, 4 CEU's $300.00


Interpretive Planning & Design of Marketing Brochures Course. 15 Units, 2.5 CEU credits. $250.00


Planning/Designing Interpretive Panels e-LIVE Course - 10 Units awarding 1.5 CEU Credits $125.00


Planning Interpretive Trails e-LIVE Course - 13 Units - 2.5 CEU Credits $200.00


Interpretive Writing e-LIVE Course - 8 Units and 2 CEU Credits $200.00


Training for Interpretive Trainers e-LIVE Course - 11 Units and 2 CEU Credits. $200.00


The Interpretive Exhibit Planners Tool Box e-LIVE course - 11 Units and 2 CEU Credits. $200.00


Interpretive Master Planning - e-LIVE. 13 Units, 3 CEU Credits. $275.00

Interpretive planning - Nine Mile Canyon, Utah.


Interpretive Planning for Historic Homes and Gardens. 12 Units - 3 CEU credits $225.00 USD

Glenn Bernie Home/Gardens, Museum of the Shennendoah Valley, VA.


Interpretive Planning for Botanical Gardens
and Arboretums.

11 Units - 3 CEU credits, $250.00


Interpretive Planning for Historic Farms and Agricultural Sites
13 Units - 4 CEU credits, $300.00


Developing and Managing Successful Partnerships for
Heritage Interpretation Agencies and Organizations.

Twelve Units, 3 CEU Credits ($300.00)


Interpretive Planning for Scenic Byways and Auto Tour Routes. 10 Units, 2 CEU Credits. $275.00


A supervisors guide to Critiquing and Coaching Your Interpretive Staff, Eleven Units, 1.6 CEU Credits. $175.00

Now Now - It won't be that bad!


Advanced Interpretive Master Planning. 14 Units, 2.5 CEU Credits, $250.00

One of the Civil War "Landscape Museum" exhibits - artillary placement. The Landscape Museum included over 25 civil war sites within a whole County in Georgia.

An Interpreters guide for evaluating Interpretive Exhibits. Thirteen Units - 2 CEU Credits,


Interpretive Program Presentations and Protocol for
Interacting and Communicating With Your International Visitors.

An interpretive training short course.

Nine Units - 1 CEU Credit. $100.00

Do you know what the "ok" gesture means in different countries?

Conducting A Feasibility Analysis Before Developing New
Interpretive Centers, Nature Centers and Small Museums.

If you build it they may not come - or at least in the numbers needed!
So how can you know for sure before you build it?

Nine Units - 2 CEU Credits - $150.00

Web site:

Interpretive tour planning and delivery techniques for
professional/commercial tour guides.
Web site:

11 Units, 2 CEU Credits - $200.00 Tuition


An Interpretive Researchers Guide for Developing
Visitor Surveys and Questionnaire/Interview Designs
For Natural & Cultural Heritage Sites and Attractions.

Ten Units - 2.5 CEU Credits. $250.00

Web Site:


Planning and Managing Interpretive Outreach Programs
(Taking your interpretive services "on the road".)
12 Units - 2 CEU Credits ($150.00)


Developing and Managing Community Interpretive Plans and Programs

Falmouth VA historic street scent - Falmouth Community Plan.

12 Units, 2 CEU Credits
Course Tuition: $300.00

Interpreting Gravestones and Historic Cemeteries
14 Units, 2 CEU Credits, $200.00

Using Interpretation to Help Accomplish Management Objectives
Twelve Units, Two CEU Credits
Tuition - $250.00


An Interpreters Guide for Survival Economics
Proving your economic value and benefits to your agency during
funding cuts, and keeping your job.

10 Units, 1.5 CEU Credits
Tuition $300.00


Innovative Strategies in Interpretive Media and Services Planning -
New Conceptual Tools for Today's Interpretive Planners.

Markets on One, Mass Customization, Experiential Planning
and the Psychology of Visitor - Interpretive Program Topic/Mode Preferences. If you're not using these in your interpretive media/services planning and development then you're way behind the creativity curve and could be losing new visitors as well. Welcome to the new millennium for interpretive planners where
one size does NOT fit all".

Eleven Units, 3 CEU Credits
Course Tuition $350.00


A Curators guide for helping their docents/volunteers create truly interpretive gallery
tours for Art and Traditional Museums.

Techniques for revealing the hidden stories and meanings in art and
artifacts for presenting dynamic and inspirational interpretive
tour experiences for your visitors.

12 Units, 2 CEU Credits
Course Tuition: $200.00


Advanced Interpretive Writing for Technical Publications,
Interpretation Journal Research Articles and for Related Professional Publications.

13 Units, 3 CEU Credits
Tuition: $300.00


Interpreting Critical Issues

The interpreters key role in public safety, public relations and as an agent of change in visitors attitudes and reactions to natural or human induced dramatic or dangerous events.

Thirteen Units - Tuition $400.00


How to use Interpretation to make a profit
and grow a commercial heritage tourism business for
Resorts, Cruise Ships, Campgrounds and Tourism Sites.

15 Units - 3 CEU Credits
Tuition: $700.00


Planning and developing a new commercial tour guiding business.

This course is designed to help folks who want to start an
interpretive tour guiding business get a focused and good business planning start.

17 Units, 3 CEU Credits
Course Tuition - $500.00


Planning for Interpretive Experiences.

Employing The Experience Economy, Markets of One and
Experiential Planning Concepts and Strategies For Heritage Sites and Attractions.

Thirteen Units, 2.5 CEU Credits, Course tuition $300.00

Creating Unique stories married with unique experiences.


Should you have any questions at all about any of these courses please feel free to contact me. New courses are being developed as well so check back often.

John A. Veverka
SKYPE: jvainterp
Phone: 517/803-6605


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