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The Center for Interpretive Planning Advancement & Excellence.

The Heritage Interpretation Center for the
Advancement of Excellence in Interpretive Planning.

A JVA Heritage Interpretation International Center

Interpretive planning course for the Corps of Engineers; interpretive exibit design plan for the Matagords Nature Park visitor center.

If you're looking for professional training in interpretive planning, interpretive planning text books and related interpretive resources, or you just want to hire an expert interpretive planner to come and do your interpretive plan for you - this is the one source to make that happen.

We decided to develop our
Center for Interpretive Planning Advancement and Excellence to help individuals involved with interpretive planning to sharpen their skills in various aspects of creating interpretive plans for sites, organizations and agencies. We found a lack of colleges or organizations where professional interpreters could find professional courses and training in interpretive planning.  Our goal is for this Center to meet and exceed that need.

Our Mission

1. To provide a center of excellence where interpretive planners and managers can both contribute to, and expand their own, advancement of interpretive planning theory, techniques and principles.

2. To provide ideas and guidelines for creating interpretive plans that have a focus on the financial aspects of those plans to be actually implemented and put in operation.

3. To provide a gateway for sharing interpretive planning related strategies, new media, new technology and visitor studies research via publication of that material in InterpNEWS, the International Heritage Interpretation e-Magazine.

4. To promote visitor studies/research and marketing strategies into interpretive planning documents.

5. To serve as a resource center for interpretive planning text books and other interpretive planning resource documents (many available free of charge).

Let me tell you more about our mission and services via YouTube:

What services does the HIC for Interpretive Planning Advancement and Excellence offer?  Our services are divided into three main realms:  

1)Training courses in interpretive planning both on-line and on-site and

2) offering our own contract/consulting services in interpretive planning to
 develop interpretive plans for you, your site or facility.

3) Providing interpretive planning resource text books and related reference materials.

Interpretive planning training courses offered on-line via our e-LIVE
learning and experience program.

Interpretive Master Planning - e-LIVE. 13 Units, 3 CEU Credits. $275.00

Interpretive Planning for Historic Homes and Gardens. 12 Units - 3 CEU credits $225.00 USD

Interpretive Planning for Botanical Gardens and Arboretums.
11 Units - 3 CEU credits, $250.00

Interpretive Planning for Historic Farms and Agricultural Sites
13 Units - 4 CEU credits, $300.00

Interpretive Planning for Scenic Byways and Auto Tour Routes.
10 Units, 2 CEU Credits. $275.00

Advanced Interpretive Master Planning. 14 Units, 2.5 CEU Credits, $250.00

Conducting A Feasibility Analysis Before Developing New Interpretive Centers, Nature Centers and Small Museums. If you build it they may not come - or at least in the numbers needed!
So how can you know for sure before you build it?

Nine Units - 2 CEU Credits - $150.00

An Interpretive Researchers Guide for Developing Visitor Surveys and Questionnaire/Interview Designs For Natural & Cultural Heritage Sites and Attractions.
Ten Units - 2.5 CEU Credits. $250.00

Developing and Managing Community Interpretive Plans and Programs.
12 Units, 2 CEU Credits, Course Tuition: $300.00

Innovative Strategies in Interpretive Media and Services Planning - New Conceptual Tools for Today's Interpretive Planners. Markets on One, Mass Customization, Experiential Planning
and the Psychology of Visitor - Interpretive Program Topic/Mode Preferences. If you're not using these in your interpretive media/services planning and development then you're way behind the creativity curve and could be losing new visitors as well. Welcome to the new millennium for interpretive planners where  
"one size does NOT fit all".

Eleven Units, 3 CEU Credits, Course Tuition $350.00

Check out all of our professional interpretive courses at out course catalog page:

Interpretive planning courses offered live on-site for agencies and organizations.

All of the courses we offer via our e-LIVE internet program can also be offered as live on site interpretive training experiences.  We offer from one day to four day interpretive training courses.  You are invited to contact us for details.  Our general fee for on-site interpretive training courses is a flat fee of $800/00 per day of training plus travel expenses.


Interpretive training for the US Army Corps of Engineers (left), interpretive training course on developing visitor survey research tools (Budapest, Hungary - center) and a training workshop for the Lithuania World Heritage Site conference for the Curonian Spit (right).

The Heritage Interpretation Center for the Advancement of
Excellence in Interpretive Planning
Consultant Services.

Some sites, organizations and agencies don't have the time to learn to do interpretive planning through our courses, and just want to have an interpretive plan completed for them.  We now offer that experitse for them.  We will do your interpretive plan for you.  We've been doing interpretive planning for clients world-wide and offer the BEST and most experienced interpretive planners available anythere !!!  

Have to send out a RFP? Ask for a copy of our NPS template for developing Requst for Proposals for contracting interpretive planners - it's free.


Check our client list - - for our current and recent interpretive planning and training consulting projects.  We will be happy to give you a cost estimate - based on your scope of work, for your interpretive planning project needs.  

 We offer:

- Contract interpretive master planning services for heritage sites, parks, zoos, botanical
 gardens, scenic byways and commercial heritage attractions.

- Contract interpretive planning for trails, interpretive exhibits and interpretive centers.

- Contract services for large scale regional interpretive systems planning.

- Existing interpretive plans review and assessments for updating.

- Sub-contract interpretive planning services to other firms where their projects include
 elements of interpretive planning within their scope of work.

- Contract interpretive master planning training courses for agency staff.

Add us to your RFP bidders/e-mail list for interpretive projects:
(We're available for interpretive projects world-wide).

The Heritage Interpretation Resource Center.

Our support services for interpretive planners provides several different kinds of resources.

The Heritage Interpretation Resource Center provides a wealth of FREE articles on different aspects of interpretive planning.  Just visit the resource center and then let us know which articles you would like.  We'll send those to you as an e-mail attachent.  Here is the link for the Heritage Interpretation Resource Center:

Our Interpretive Text Book Bookstore:

We also offer our text books on Interpretive Planning, Advanced Interpretive Planning, Planning Interpretive Trails and our Interpretive Trainers Handbook through our bookstore.  They are available as e-books:


InterpNEWS helps spread the word about excellence in
interpretive programs, services and media.

We also Publish research and discussion papers on Interpretive Planning in InterpNEWS to
share interpretive research with our 300,000 readers in 60 countries.  Subscriptions to InterpNEWS are Free.  You can read the current and back issues of InterpNEWS at:
John Veverka is also an Associate Editor for the Journal of Interpretation Research (NAI).


So who are we?
Our staff credentials in heritage interpretation and
interpretive planning:

  - B.S. and or M.S. degrees and Ph.D program specifically in interpretation.
  - Teaching college courses in interpretive planning and related interpretive topics.
  - Academic training specifically in interpretive planning.
  - Academic training in advanced interpretive planning techniques and strategies (including marketing,
    advertising, recreational learning, etc.).
  - Being  NAI Certified Interpretive Planners.
  - 30+ years of actual experience in dedicated interpretive planning field experiences.
  - 30+ years of experience teaching interpretive planning courses.
  - Author of interpretive planning college text books.
  - Sr. Instructor, Kansas State University - Global Campus (teaching interpretive planning).

If you have any questions, requests for quotations or advice in interpreitve planning please feel free to contact us.  Consultations (or if you would just like to talk about interpretation with an expert) via phone, e-mail or Skype are FREE.  Again our mission is to support and advance the profession of interpretation and advance skills and abilities for interpretive planners.

John A. Veverka
John Veverka & Associates
Center for Advancement and Excellence in Interpretive Planning
SKYPE: jvainterp


We do what we teach - and teach what we do.

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